10 Unique Gifts for Men

What do you get the man who has it all? Two Plates Full has a great assortment of fun and playful gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or whatever the occasion. The hardest part is deciding which one to choose! With gifts for men in mind, these wild and crazy one-of-a-kind pieces and novelty items will have you and your guy smiling and laughing. From the wild and raunchy to the sweet and sensitive, we have gifts for every guy. Two Plates Full makes shopping easy and fun!

Sticks Remote Control Box

Sticks Remote Control Box – Two Plates FullAre you guilty of forgetting where you put the remote? If you’re like many women, chances are your remote is somewhere between the cushions of your couch or maybe even in the refrigerator. The king needs his scepter! Sticks wood pieces capture those laughable moments in handmade pieces of art by Sarah Grant. This remote control box is the perfect gift idea for the man in your life that enjoys T.V. and has trouble finding the remote. This beautiful box, decorated with sports symbols and a fun, wooden remote control, doubles as a piece of art and can be set on a table near your couch to hold the ominous remote. Never look for the channel changer again and give your guy a unique gift with the Sticks Remote Control Box.

Man in a Can Candles

Man in a Can Candles – Two Plates FullMen like candles too! There’s nothing cozier than lighting a candle and allowing it to fill your space with a tantalizing smell. Although men may not like their homes to smell like roses or other sweet smells, they will enjoy Man in a Can Candles. These candles smell like men. Big, burly men rejoice in their masculine candles! Also known as Man Cans, these candles are made from recycled soup cans. The soup cans are purchased to give a meal to those in need and then used to make candles. By purchasing a candle, you are helping feed those who need food. I can’t think of a better gift that gives to others and is useful! Candles come in smells like: fresh cut grass and cigar.

Redneck Party Cup, Ice Bucket, and Shot Glass

Redneck Party Cups – Two Plates FullPerfect for the man that likes to party but also likes class. Funny but useful, these party cup accessories include a shot glass, party cup, and ice bucket designed to look like the typical red solo cup used at redneck gatherings. The fun twist on these bar accessories is that they are reusable. The Redneck Party Cup in particular has a glass stem which pokes fun at those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Tin Can Art Sculptures

Tin Can Art Sculptures – Two Plates Full

What man can resist a robot? Or a shark? Or even an airplane? What if I told you these things were art sculptures made of tin cans? If your mind isn’t blown then you’re not an art and whimsy lover. Call it their latest catch! Maybe it fits with his “man cave” theme! Along with his canned beer collection, this shark will create a fun feeling in his space. If you’re not looking to buy something too big, the robot or airplane made of tin cans are also unique gift ideas. All of these interesting pieces are created by an artist by the name of Alexi Devilliers. Devilliers has a passion for feeding the homeless, creating art from the leftover cans and then selling his art to buy more food completing the circle.

Chain Bowl

Chain Bowl – Two Plates FullGive your MacGyver guy that ultimate useful piece that he can appreciate. Bike chains layered and shaped into a bowl are industrial and artistic. Creative and clever and oh so masculine, this home accent is made in the United States. This is not a “girly-man” bowl, but perfect to hold loose items like keys and change.

Truck Tray and Kleenex Box

Truck Tray & Tissue Box – Two Plates FullDoes your gentleman appreciate the good ol’ days of the Southwest? These beautiful pieces are hand painted by a local artist and showcase a pickup truck in a dessert setting. The use of greens and reds make both this tray and tissue box the perfect addition to a more rustic home. These are perfect pieces to add to his den or his own bathroom space.

Battery Salt and Pepper Shakers

Battery Salt & Pepper – Two Plates FullSalt and pepper shakers are found in every home but can be boring. Bring a smile to your favorite guy’s face every time he grabs for some salt or pepper with shakers that look like batteries. The salt battery has light blue accents and makes it easy to distinguish from the red pepper one. Fun and unique, these shakers are great for someone who collects odd and interesting shakers or just needs a new, quirky set.

Golf Club Lamp

Golf Club Lamp – Two Plates FullEvery man has a den that is dedicated to the things he enjoys doing. Whether it’s drinking beer, playing sports, shooting pool or a combination of hobbies, this lamp will add to that manly charm. Made out of golf clubs, this lamp takes sports decorating to a different level. If your guy enjoys a day on the course, they will flip out over this lamp that features the heads of old clubs. This lamp will also look good in a sports-themed living room or den. Crowned with a golf ball on top, you can’t go wrong with a fun and thoughtful item such as this.

Dreaming of the Green

Golf Green Picture Frame – Two Plates FullTo go with the golf club lamp, give Dad this putting green picture frame. With a quirky cartoon character down on the green, it is a perfect place to display a picture of his greatest drive or a post-game celebration pic with his buds. This handmade wooden golf picture frame is a great choice for dad’s desk in the den. Or he can take it to the office to show off on his trophy wall!

Upcycled Guitar Art

Decorative Upcycled Guitars – Two Plates FullFor the art and music lover, these guitars are just the ticket! From wine corks and wine bottle labels to old license plates with wood pieces, each guitar adds a decorative rustic touch to the home. Cowboys, Harleys, and roads traveled, these guitars serve as reminders of times gone by. Detailed with leather, studs, punched metal, and carved wood… each guitar is an American-made masterpiece.

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