Fun, Colorful, Hand Painted Furniture by Luon

Luon Marie Amanda Isabelle Camille Rose St. Pierre creates happy colorful art pieces that will make you smile. She jokes about being named after the luan mahogany wood and her even longer birth name that names all her great aunts. She comes from a creative family and simply asks to be called Lulu. Referring to herself as “a product of the seventies,” Luon is inspired by bright colors and is a self-taught artist. With the idea that art must be functional, this fun creator has designed unique hand painted furniture that we are proud to feature at Two Plates Full. For over twelve years the store has been showcasing her bright, colorful work and Luon even delivers it herself!

Luan's Art collection - Two Plates FullTwo Plates Full and Luon

Terri has a deep appreciation for Lulu’s work believing in her from the start when her studio was under a bridge…  Jesting that she thought of herself as a troll back then… Terri believes in her art and has stood by Luon as she continues to change and show what she really can do. Terri shares with us about her relationship with Luon and where it all began…

“I met luon at an art show in Tucson at least 12 years ago…color…color…color…is what drew me to her work and then the whimsy just made me smile. We have been selling her art ever since. Each piece is handmade by luon from construction to painting. I remember going to her studio/house for the first time….it was an old warehouse and everything in it was created by her…the only walls were for the bathroom and her daughters room everything else was divided up by furniture and cabinets and huge mirrors with faces and bodies and the ceiling glowed with twinkle lights which she had poking thru those wood or bamboo shades we used to buy at pier one…. which she had painted a dark blue…..i was in awe……kind of the way people are when they come into my store and don’t know where to look first only 100 times better….well maybe 50 times better…..she is a wonderful person and artist…..and brings so much pleasure to people thru her art.

Now that she lives across the country she works all year on pieces and then drives them in a trailer down to Arizona once a year to deliver to the store.

A few years back I had her create a piece for my kitchen of my better half terry who loves to cook…..i smile every time I look at it…..”

Putting smiles on people’s faces is what Luon does. Just seeing her will make you smile as she has a whimsical quality about her. Long skirts, artsy dresses and bright colors adorn her as well as her creations. In Lulu’s world life is meant to be lived with abandon and to be embraced alongside color and fun fantasy.

Luon's Art - Two Plates Full - ScottsdaleLuon’s Work

Luon creates hand painted furniture pieces that are the perfect blend of art and function. Each piece is built by her and is one-of-a-kind. Patterns, bright colors, and abstract shapes are all used to create her masterpieces. You can find both large and small pieces in her collection at Two Plates Full. Boxes, trunks, art, cupboards, mirrors and benches are among some of the items she creates from her studio. Inspired by her family, Luon’s father was an artist and her mother was an artist and a ballerina. This fun lifestyle led its way into Luon creating brightly colored furniture pieces that aren’t typical or mainstream. She explains in an interview with the Plum Crazy Boutique that she had blueberry sinks and lime green cabinets in her childhood home. Being an artist was just a part of her.

Luon's Art - Two Plates FullIllustrated women with brightly colored hair grace her painted cupboards and blue stripes cover her shelving. It isn’t a surprise to find knobs of cupboards worked into her art to resemble women’s breasts or bows. Red hearts painted on faces and over the clothing of her characters can also be seen in her work. Luon’s work isn’t by any means limited to human illustrations as you can find fun roosters and floral motifs on her tables and chairs. Luon harvests some of her own lumber to create her functional pieces and uses numerous types of paint. Fun and energetic, Lulu’s work is a reflection of her upbringing and personality. Everything she creates she would like to have in her own home and after years as a successful artist, she is sharing this with all of us too!

Luon's Art - Two Plates Full - ScottsdaleThe work of Luon St. Pierre is well defined and recognized. You’ll know it’s a piece by her seeing the patterns of polka dots, stripes, swirls and checkers. Some of the fun illustrations featured on her work have large lips, hearts, crowns and flowers. On occasion Luon adds calculated sayings etched into her furniture. “It was told as a child he could see,” and “You may call me charming,” can both be found written on mirrors in her collection. Organic, whimsical, bright, and raw are all words that can describe Luon’s artwork.

Keeping It in the Family

Luon is a part of three generations of artists. Members of her family who also create art include Kat St. Pierre, Marcella St. Pierre, and Rick Saliar. Luon explains that she loves being able to wake up in the morning and crawl out of her window to her studio. Alongside her husband, mother, and daughter the Pierre family is taking the creative world by storm and sharing with others in bright bold living color!

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