Hearts, Hearts, and More Hearts for the Perfect Valentine Gift

Valentine’s Day is upon us and at Two Plates Full we have everything you need to find the perfect Valentine gift for that someone special in your life. Much different than the status quo, we offer gifts that invite you and those you love to live life abundantly. Singing in the rain, drinking cups of coffee with a friend, traveling the world, and anticipating whimsy… these are all reflected in these heart-themed gifts. Embracing each and every day and life’s simple gifts is what love is all about this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re purchasing a valentine gift for your mother, sister, lover, or friend, Two Plates Full has you covered.

Hearts, Hearts, and More Hearts

A home is only as homey as its decor…or at least that’s what we believe here at Two Plates Full. Just as everyone doesn’t look identical, these hearts come in all variations and remind you of the creative soul in every person. Striped and bold or pretty and pink… Choose the heart that speaks to you and bring it home to your Valentine. Ideal for the person with a love for handmade items and whimsy, these wooden hearts will remind them of your true feeling this V-day. Bright colors and stripes tell a tale of laughter and love in any home. If you want to really reflect love, purchase more than one and hang them up gallery style in a living room or hallway.

Heart Pearl Necklace Valentine Gift

Heart Pearl Necklace - Two Plates FullEveryone has a “crazy” in their life. Whether it’s your aunt that is constantly cracking raunchy jokes…your sweetie who is always overindulging…or a friend who has a mouth like a sailor, this tongue-in-cheek handcrafted necklace is a great Valentine gift alternative to a cliché box of chocolates. With the saying “I feel a sin coming on,” the sweet pink colors and rhinestones balance out the naughty suggestion on this necklace charm. Two strings of pearls and a little leather make this heart pearl necklace the perfect blend of sugar and spice. Gift this to your Valentine’s Day lover and watch as they laugh and put this blatantly honest necklace around their neck for the world to see.

Heart Magnets

Heart Magnets - Two Plates Full“The bigger the gift, the better” couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to giving a Valentine gift. Good things come in small, even tiny packages…like these hand painted heart magnets from Two Plates Full. Kitschy and detailed with love, these magnets can be used on a refrigerator, a magnetic board or container. Perfect for holding up pictures of the ones you love, these tiny yet strong magnets are great for giving to friends or buying for yourself. With reminders we could all use like “believe in love,” these tiny works of art will make you smile.

Metal Folk Art Hearts

Folk Art Metal Hearts - Two Plates FullYou know the person who collects teddy bears and pictures of kittens? That person believes in true love and re-watches movies like Ever After and Breakfast at Tiffany’s on repeat. These Metal Folk Art Hearts are just what this person in your life needs. Whether they want to admit their addiction to cutesy items and pink…or not…they will love a thoughtful gift such as these handmade items. You can present it to them with the sweetest card you can make and promise to watch Casablanca for the tenth time with them. Hung on a door or used to adorn a wall, these hearts are works of art that your helpless romantic friend will approve of.

Heart Wall Art

Heart Wall Art - Two Plates FullKisses are so sweet shared between those in love. Faith Hill sang a 90s ballad about a simple kiss that changed her life in “This Kiss.” Even before her, The Drifters sang about a “magic moment” that occurred when two lips met. Let’s face it, when “you’re lips are close to mine,” life just makes more sense. Share your thoughts on lip locking with this cut out quote about kissing. “Kisses kept are wasted. Love is to be tasted,” is spelled out in words with this Heart Wall Art from Two Plates Full. Prop this beautiful art piece on your fireplace mantle or decorate your bedroom with it. With a quote as fun-packed as this one, you may even have to place it beside your bedside table to remind you to enjoy those kisses…

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