Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Your mom is the most special person in the whole world! She’s the one who gave birth to you and cared for you through the good times and the bad… You should show your mom just how much you care with something more than the traditional flowers and chocolates! Why not get her something colorful, fun and totally unique! The one-of-a-kind art pieces at Two Plates Full are sure to make your mom and grandma smile and maybe even laugh a little!

Hand Painted Wine Glasses - Two Plates FullHand Painted Wine Glasses

Keep Mom and Grandma happy and get them their own “sippy cup” for their favorite beverage! Wine is to women, as duct tape is to men, it fixes everything!

These hand painted wine glasses are a perfect gift… both witty and wonderful …you want to collect them all!

These handmade glasses are sure to give Mom and Grandma a good chuckle… maybe they’ll even forget all the mischief you got into when you were 6!

From Mom to Grandma - Two Plates FullFrom Mom to Grandma

“The next best thing to having you for a mother is knowing my children will have you for a grandma.” A perfect gift for a first-time grandma, it will be a reminder of how special she is to you. Every moment is precious and sometimes we need to stop and smell the flowers… giving thanks for all the wonderful people in our lives like Mom. Surrounded by swirls of pink with one bright cheery flower, this locally made three dimensional art piece will touch Grandma’s heart.

For Your Supermom - Two Plates FullFor Your Supermom

Mom is the superhero in our life, coming to our rescue when drama and crisis come up. This plaque sums it up. Dad is just “not the Mama!” She’s the one that makes us feel better and knows what to do in an instant. That’s not to say the job isn’t hard, it just means that we appreciate all that she does… and have a newfound respect for having done it so long. Call it a badge of honor… a well-spoken truth, but the Golden Girls called this one!

Forever Flowers - Two Plates FullForever Flowers

So you still really want to get your mom some flowers? Well these beautiful bright colored metal flowers are the best! They will never need water and will not wilt… choose a bouquet of her favorite colors… your mom will appreciate the fact that these are the easiest flowers to care for and will last a forever just like your love… Mini metal masterpieces handcrafted just for her!

Spell It Out with Love Letters - Two Plates FullSpell It Out with Love Letters

Find the letters that tell Mom you love her. Whether it’s initials, words, or even a phrase… these cute trays can say so much! They come in different colors and different fonts handcrafted graphic art that you can use! Great for holding small things like rings or loose change or make a bolder statement and mount them on the wall! Get your message across this Mother’s Day!

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