• Wide Candles

    Wide Candles

    Candles guaranteed to burn for atleast 150 hours. Scents of Autumn Quince, Cinimon Pinon, and many more! Price: $42.00 Size:...


  • Very long birthday candles

    Very long birthday candles

    long style celebration candles. burns for at least 2 hours! Price: $14.00 SKU 7822...


  • Tall Scented Candles

    Tall Scented Candles

    Candles guaranteed to burn for 200 hours. Scents of Spiced Cranberries, Red Berries, Spicy Apple and many more. Price: $46.00...


  • Small celebration candles

    Small celebration candles

    short style celebration candles, burns for atleast 45 minutes. Price: $8.00 SKU 7823...


  • male, female and heshe candles

    male, female and heshe candles

    Feeling a little exposed? male, female and he-she candles handpoured in the u.s and come in a variety of colors....


  • Forest Candles

    Forest Candles

    Forest candles Guaranteed to burn up to 220 hours. Scents of Rosy rings and many more! Price: $46.00 Size: 8...


  • Birthday Candle Holders

    Birthday Candle Holders

    Glass birthday candle holders each sold separately and very unique. Price: $2.95 SKU 9952...