Wallyware Pottery

  • Wallyware pottery bowl

    Wallyware pottery bowl

    wallyware pottery bowl which reads, ‘ thanks for the party. This bowl is a gift. the next time you go...


  • wallyware platter with bowl

    wallyware platter with bowl

    12in round ceramic chip and dip platter and seperate bowl…jesus is coming and he’s bring the bean dip  6×4 bowl...


  • outsource plate

    outsource plate

    8 1/2 plate …wally outsources the tech support department with the cheapest labor source available…the lost souls of hell...


  • LSD dip bowl

    LSD dip bowl

    6 1/2 x 3 bowl for dip….now it is time to tell you….there was LSD in the dip SKU 8634...


  • birthday plate

    birthday plate

    8 1/2 ceramic birthday plate….warning: today you are as young as you will ever be for the rest of your life....