Sticks Furniture: 10 Statement Pieces for Your Home

Want to bring fun and energy into your home? Sticks furniture has the perfect pieces! Our new store back at The Shops at Gainey Village is filled with loads of unique handcrafted Sticks furniture. We have been a top ten gallery for the past ten years and have the largest selection of home decor and furniture that you’ll ever see at a gallery. From smaller items like decorative plaques and remote control boxes to bigger items like armoires and dining sets, we are the only place you can find Sticks in the Phoenix area. Each piece is finely handcrafted and designed with hand drawn imagery and vibrantly blended paint within Sticks’ award-winning design studio in Des Moines, IA.

Check out these 10 Sticks pieces that can instill a playful spirit, add fun and make a statement in your home:

Sticks - southwest bed - Two Plates FullSouthwest Bed Frame

Add a scenic landscape to your bedroom with a one-of-a-kind hand crafted bed by Sticks! From the natural rustic wood bedposts to the artistic wood-burned detail on the headboard and foot board, you will have one of the most spectacular southwestern bedrooms around!

Sticks - Who's the Fairest mirror - Two Plates FullFairy Tale Mirror

This handmade Sticks mirror is full of color and vibrant images of fairytale objects on a background of hot pink. A playful and unique frame, with the inscription ‘You are the fairest’, oozes the charm of a fantasy world, perfect for little princesses, young and old.

Sticks dining table and chairs - Two Plates FullWining & Dining Table & Chairs

Whether you choose to use it in your breakfast nook or in your game room this 48-inch round dining table makes an eye-catching statement. The four chairs and table are hand painted with fruits, wines, cakes, and geometric patterns for a distinctive look. The leather seats ensure comfort while the use of bright colors makes the dining set perfect for having breakfast or lunch on a sunny day.

Sticks - Love Me Love My Dogs bench - Two Plates FullLove Me Love My Dogs Bench

Perfect for the avid dog lover along with being a stylish and comfortable seating option, this original bench by Sticks can be placed by your door where you can sit down and greet your dogs when you come home. The image of bones and faces of dogs and an inscription of “Love Me Love My Dogs” is etched into the wood.

Sticks - King of the Remote control box - Two Plates FullKing of the Remote Control Box

Have you got a sports fan in your house? Does he insist on hogging the remote? Give him a place to keep his precious remote controls safe. With this sports-themed treasure box, your “King of the Remote” can sit on his throne and make sure his remotes are safe through sports season. The inscription, “Baby, I love you, BUT it’s my turn to run the remote…”serves as a warning to KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!

Sticks - coffee buffet - Two Plates FullCoffee Corner Buffet

Designed especially for the coffee lovers in mind, with phrases like “Given enough coffee, I could rule the world,” and “Behind every successful woman is a cup of coffee.” Pull up a couple of stools and this handcrafted, wood-burned buffet can be a delightful place to sip your morning coffee.

Sticks - Speak Your Mind Plaque - Two Plates FullCowboy Wisdom Plaque

“Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse,” is a classic old-west saying that still applies today. Sticks features many nuggets of wisdom on these 7” decorative plaques. Not just an ornament, but a reminder of life’s lessons, their colorful and playful images will dress up your bedroom, living room, hallway, or bathroom. Check out the whole collection online or at our store.

Sticks cowboy side table - Two Plates FullCowboy Side Table

If you could have just one exclusive piece of furniture, what would it be? You might want something special which you could build your room around. If you are an admirer of the Wild West, then this cowboy side table is the one for you! This solid wooden table is slightly lower in the center giving it added interest. It’s the perfect sturdy piece for your living room.

Sticks candlestick lamp - Two Plates FullCandlestick Lamp

Crafted from wood, this sleek and slight candlestick lamp is just what any room needs for extra lighting. The hand painted shade and finial give this piece a cheerful and delightful look.
Standing on a wooden base, it effuses warmth every time you turn it on.

Sticks poker game table - Two Plates FullPoker Game Table

Your home will become the neighborhood hangout the moment you bring in this cool poker game table. With a suede leather top, six built-in coasters for libations this hand painted table will impress even the most serious players. Add some fun to your game night!

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  1. […] Want to bring fun and energy into your home? Sticks furniture has the perfect pieces! Our store is filled with loads of unique handcrafted Sticks furniture.  […]