Tin Cans Transform to Cool Robot Art

If you love fun and unique pieces, check out the remarkable recycled tin can art by Alexi Devilliers! Though this is not just about creating wonderful works, there is an inspiring story behind this cool robot art. Alexi feeds the homeless. The proceeds from the sale of his Tin Can Artworks go to purchase more food, from which he can then make more Tin Can Art, so he can purchase more food for the homeless… read the story about this amazing artist!

The Story Behind the Tin Can Fish & Robots

Both of my parents are from Havana, Cuba, before Castro took over. My parents settled in New York, but later moved to Hialeah, Florida when I was 5. Being one of five kids, my mother had to stretch every dollar, but one thing I remember is that she always gave had more than enough food for all of us. We had great food full of flavor and you could taste the love that went into making it. As I got older and learned to cook, I started to give my extra food to the neighbors.

After a while I thought that my neighbors didn’t really need the food and started giving the extra food to the homeless. On a Saturday, my wife and I packed up all of our leftovers and went to the park near our house and fed the people who live there. 

We started out with 12 meals on that Saturday, and then the next Saturday, we bought 24 frozen dinners and cooked them in our oven. Then I thought… “I can make twice as much food, better and for half the price if I make if from scratch.”

So now every Saturday my wife and I get up at 5:30 AM and cook 100 to 125 hot and fresh meals. We then pack them up into the back of my FORD Explorer and head off to the parks. Recently we have found a shelter on 10th Ave and Jefferson that helps out people who are 55 and older. I try to make fun meals for them, meals that are hot and homemade.

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